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Start Blogging on
Blogs are a great way to add content, allow reader interaction, and more. Blogs can be a lot of fun for both the readers and the writers. Blogs are best used by people who want to share ideas, interact with readers, and have the ability to easily add a quick note or update.
If this is what you want to do, then is a great place for you to start blogging!

Starting a Forum or Community
If you are interested in having regular discussions with others, and you want to build a solid and regular "community," then a forum would be ideal for you. Forums allow users to create regular accounts, and new posts and topics as they want. You can interact with others, and really build a great community of people who often feel strong connections to one another.
If this is what you want to do, then a forum on is your ticket.

Other Options also provides an option to create your pages, story, poll etc.

Multi-Language support
Blogs, forums, pages will support creating contents in Tulu or in Kannada or in English.
For creating contents in Kannada you can use the rich text editors like
Quillpad OR Pramukh Type Pad

How to create a blog or forum topic on
Creating a blog or forum topic on is more simple. If you dont already have an account in, click on Create new account and create your unique account on Once you create your account and activate your account, you will need to get the permission from admin to create content on, which will take less than 24 hours. Once you get the permission, go to blog page or Forum page, login with your username and password or using OpenID and start creating your blogs or forum topics.
See all available options at create content page (login needed)

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